Vegas Baby Vodka

In Las Vegas, with an abundance of energy and creativity, founder, Jennifer Higgins, and her partner, Megan Wilkes, began an adventure into a very competitive market not too often navigated by women. They wanted to bring a small, local business to Las Vegas and the thought of a vodka company intrigued these two fun, cosmo-loving, undaunted momtrepreneurs. Thus began Vegas Baby Vodka!

As our world shifts preferences to “experience-over-material items,” Vegas Baby answers that call by providing a unique, vibrant spirit experience while you’re in Vegas, and a product to remember us by when you’re not. Vodka enthusiasts traditionally want to recreate the same nostalgia or memory from a prior experience with-in their own surroundings.

Our team here at Vegas Baby believes that if you aren’t in Vegas, you wish you were!
Please enjoy responsibly.

Signature Vegas Baby Cocktail

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