Vegas Baby Spirits

Vegas Baby Spirits got its name from the very city in which it was founded – “It’s Vegas, Baby!” This catchphrase captures the mindset of locals, tourists, partiers, gamblers, and nightlife enthusiasts who stroll the strip at all hours.

Founder, Jennifer Higgins’, parents visiting Las Vegas in 1967

The founder, Jennifer Higgins has deep roots to Vegas.  Her vision to bring a locally based spirit to Las Vegas was inspired by the abundant energy and excitement throughout the city that has been such a large part of her family’s life.

With a tremendous amount of support from family and friends; the energetic, loving, Cosmo-drinking blonde embarked on a journey to make everyone’s casual drink, happy hour cocktail, nightlife adventure, or celebratory shot make you want to yell, “It’s Vegas, Baby!”

Every bottle filled with
ultra-premium vodka

Founder and Las Vegas resident Jennifer Higgins

Enjoy straight up, over ice or in your favorite cocktail

Every drop is handcrafted to perfection

Founder Jennifer Higgins and her son Sam Richardson

Made from non-GMO,
gluten-free corn

Vegas Baby Vodka

Vegas Baby Vodka is a premium vodka paired based in Las Vegas boldly representing the city in which it was born. While Vegas Baby provides a quality beverage for all to enjoy, the name represents the rich history in entertainment, fine dining, gambling and much more that exquisitely pairs with an ultrapure alcoholic beverage. All of us here at Vegas Baby Spirits hope to bring a new twist to the premium vodka industry, not only with a good time but an excellent product that enhances the Las Vegas experience whether you’re physically in the city or not!